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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Jul 15, 2012 8:25am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: After much research, I finally came across a DuMont series that ISN'T public domain...."Studio 57"!

The series was produced by an outside production company, called Revue Productions....who later became Universal Television. Yes, THAT Universal. I checked on the US copyright office website and the DuMont-aired episodes seem to have had their copyrights renewed, along with the much larger number of syndicated episodes. Which proves they exist....come on Universal, maybe you could issue a DVD set of the series to cash-in on the classic TV nostalgia thing which is becoming bigger every year? Please? PLEASE? Even an average syndicated anthology series of the 1950s is better than anything on MTV or VH1 lately. Then again, having your head ripped off by Prince Vegeta would be more fun than their shows. Being crushed to death by Gaara's sand coffin jutsu would be more fun than their shows. Watching "My Mother the Car" would be more fun than their shows!

On the other hand, "This is the Life", one of many series that aired on ABC at one time and on DuMont at another time, was also produced by an outside production company, but I don't see it registered at the US copyright office website. But it almost certainly survives (an episode is even on YouTube).

Sorry for making so many DuMont posts but that network fascinates me....

...maybe you'd like some posts about the Paramount Television Network (yuck) next? Really, if you want them, I'll post them. I have no life and I am stuck at home all day, so I have nothing better to do.

I wonder if the broadcasts of the Hughes Television Network still exist and what their copyright status is....same with Spanish International Network broadcasts of the 1960s/1970s.